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Functional Orthodontics

Functional orthodontics for kids, teens, and adults

The type and extent of orthodontic treatment are different for each individual.

Some people need just a minor correction, while others may require a combination of treatments to restore both beauty and function.

sacramento wellness orthodontics funtional orthodontics for kids, teens, adults

At Sacramento Wellness Orthodontics, we utilize the principals and techniques of functional orthodontics with the objective to provide more significant long-term success as a substantial alternative to traditional orthodontics.

What is functional orthodontics?

Most people have never heard of functional orthodontics.

While traditional orthodontics is focused only on straightening the teeth, this fascinating branch of functional orthodontics addresses the following orthopedic aspects of the patient’s overall health:

Also, functional orthodontics repositions the upper and lower jaws, remodels the facial bones to create a better profile.

As in all fields of healthcare, a proper diagnosis is necessary to develop a path of treatment. Comprehensive diagnostic records consisting of 3D panoramic and cephalometric radiographs and analyses, digital photography, study models, and a thorough clinical examination are an absolute starting point for successful orthodontic treatment. If any functional or structural deficiency is recognized, we utilize state of the art, computerized diagnostics and functional jaw scans:

Once we can determine where these structures want to function naturally with the least strain, we can then move the teeth to a proper position for function, stability, and appearance.

No matter how complicated your case, the result will be straight teeth and correctly sized and positioned jaws which:

There are different approaches to the same problem. It is up to the parent or adult patient to choose. But there is something to keep in mind when deciding. While traditional orthodontics gives you straight teeth, functional orthodontics provides a perfect function, beautiful face, and straight teeth. The choice is yours!

The dentists and staff at our office fully believe in the value of improvements in health that can be achieved through functional orthodontics. We are continually learning and evolving to make the treatments more predictable and beneficial for our patients.

We can help you improve your smile with straight teeth. At the same time, we can help you achieve profoundly healthy physiology as well. You don’t have to choose only beauty or health. With our approach to orthodontic treatment, you’ll always get both! The result is your healthy and happy smile. We promise!

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